CHRISTMAS GIFT GUIDE – Stocking fillers for under £10

10 Awesome Christmas Gifts for Your Guinea Pigs

Back by popular demand. A feast for the soul, welcome to Piggy Shopping Christmas Heaven! And all without leaving your door. Of course there are those that will miss their close contact, body shoving, traipse round the high street, with only what the meagre shelves have to offer. But whatever your fancy, however you prefer to shop I think this year, it is what it is. As they say. So settle back with a pot of wine, tumbler of tea, or glass of juice, and enjoy the best of the Piggy Gifts the market has to offer this Christmas!

1. Piggy Weightlifter™ – Vegetable Kebab Maker by HayPigs!®

The world’s first, horizontal, pet friendly, vegetable kebab maker! A full-on feeding challenge workout for your piggies!

£8.99 /

2. Treat ‘n’ Gnaw Mince Pies 2pc by Rosewood

Two chunky, edible, peanut flavoured wood-based mince pies with a filling made with grains, carrot and apple.

£3 / Available from all good retailers /

3. LIMITED EDITION Burgess Excel Winter Berry Bakes 60g by Burgess

A limited-edition high fibre grass-based treat perfect for hand feeding and treating your furry friends this Christmas! The baked treats are made with natural ingredients and no added sugar, making them a yummy, healthy treat for guinea pigs!

£1.99 /

4. Little One Pea Flakes by Little One

Pea Flakes are a delicious and nutritious treat for guinea pigs. In the form of flakes peas are easier to bite hence easier to enjoy! Wow your piggies with an ideal appetizer for a Pig-mas party!

£2.99 /

5. Selective Naturals Forest Sticks by Supreme

Tasty treats with delicious blackberry and chamomile. Perfect for hand feeding, interaction and bonding. Rich in natural ingredients and high in fibre with chopped Timothy hay.

£2.99 / Available in Pets at Home and most specialist pet stores /

6. Small Christmas Stocking by Piggie Parcels

The ‘pawfect’ sized gift for that special piggie in your life, this hand-made Christmas Stocking contains 2 bags of tasty Piggie Parcels treats.

£6 /

7. Gnawable Holly Leaves ( 3pc ) by Rosewood

Our fibre-rich gnaws are great for wearing down teeth; plus, are a great boredom breaker for all small animals

£2.50 / Available from all good retailers /

8. Little One Sticks with Vegetables by Little One

Suitable for guinea pigs, rabbits and chinchillas, these sticks are four times baked for excellent taste and crunchy texture! A healthy treat for your pets’ entertainment, to enrich their diet and help with dental care. The sticks come with a multifunctional, removable holder!

£3.50 /

9. Circus Treat Ball™ – 3-in-1 Enrichment Toy by HayPigs!®

Introducing the World’s first 3-in-1 treat ball! Roll it, stuff it, hide it! A must have for any piggy owner and quickly becoming a HayPigs!® best seller!

£9.99 /

10. Naturals Selection Box by Rosewood

Your pet’s very own Christmas Selection Box filled with 4 different Naturals treats

£6 / Available from all good retailers

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