The Piggy Illustration Challenge: All Our Entries!

Back in May (Issue 56) we set a summer lockdown challenge; Guinea Pig Illustrations. There were three age categories, 18+, Ages 10-17, and ages 9 and under. Thank you to everyone who entered! We have loved each and every entry that has been sent to us.

It was so difficult for the judges to judge, they took two weeks to agree on the winners. And then only by developing a point system. Yes folks, it really was that hard to decide. And it’s why we have 55 runners-up, any of which could have won. As you can see here!

Our Winners!

Second place goes to…

Third place goes to…

And our Runners up…


Each age category winner will receive all these great prizes from Rosewood Pet products, HayPigs!®, and Catherine Rayner herself!

1 thought on “The Piggy Illustration Challenge: All Our Entries!

  1. What a fantastic array of guinea pig drawings and paintings! Well done to everyone ?

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