The Purest Food for Small Pets? How we discovered Organic Timothy Hay!

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Small Pet Select have been receiving customer requests for Organic Timothy hay for quite some time now, and they’ve finally discovered the perfect crop.

We’ve had the opportunity to try it out with the help of the team at HayPigs!® and can report we’re happy with it – it gets the piggy paws up! The hay boasts a variety of seed heads and green leaves, which the piggies thoroughly enjoyed. In fact, they wasted no time and delved straight in.

In this blog, Small Pet Select give us their insight into Timothy hay, and the HayPigs!® piggies give their organic staple a try for you all…

Have you ever wondered – what is Timothy hay?

Have you ever found yourself wondering why you keep hearing the name ‘Timothy’ in relation to hay? You might even be curious as to what makes it so special compared to other types of grasses, even the ones that grow in your own garden.

Well, let us tell you! There are many types of grasses out there. And they can be divided into two main groups: annual and perennial grasses. Timothy hay belongs to the latter group, perennial, which means it grows back every year.

Timothy grass has the potential to grow up to a very tall five feet if you let it! It has a shallow and fibrous root system, and a lower bulb called a corm, which stores nutritious carbohydrates. The leaves are vibrant, smooth, and green… they also have flower heads, which do not look like flowers at first glance! These fluffy, feathery tufts sit on top of the finest Timothy hay, which small animals absolutely love to munch on – especially our beloved guinea pigs.

You might also be wondering, are Timothy grass and hay the same thing? Technically speaking, yes! BUT Timothy grass is what you have before it undergoes the process of being turned into hay. And once it’s harvested and dried, it becomes Timothy hay – a wonderful treat that provides essential nutrients for our furry friends.

Why is Timothy hay so beneficial for my Guinea Pigs?

Timothy Hay is a nutrient-rich hay that is low in protein and high in fibre, making it easier for animals to digest. It has a pleasant taste and aroma that makes it very appealing to many animals. It’s an excellent source of nutrition and an essential part of many animals’ diets.

In fact, you should be providing your guinea pigs with an unlimited quantity of fresh feeding hay every day as it should equate to at least 80% of their daily diet.

Guinea pigs (along with rabbits) have teeth that never stop growing. And the coarse texture of Timothy hay is perfect for wearing down their teeth and keeping their little mouths healthy.

A guinea pig’s dental health is just as important as its digestive health! Problems with their teeth can lead to issues with their digestive system.

Your adorable fuzzballs need plenty of fibre to keep their digestive systems in tip-top shape. So, it really is important that they have unlimited access to fresh hay.

So, why go for organic Timothy hay?

It makes perfect sense to have an organic option for our furry friends, given all the benefits we’ve discovered going growing organic has for us!

Organic Timothy is grown without pesticides or synthetic chemicals, which are often used to increase crop yield. Unlike regular hay (which may be fertilized with artificial nutrients), organic Timothy is only fertilized with natural manure, making it a more natural and healthier option for our pets.

However, finding top-quality organic Timothy can be quite a challenge. This is partly due to the fact that there isn’t a huge market for it yet. It is believed that as more people become aware of the benefits, the demand will increase, and organic options will become more readily available.

As they say, the proof is in the pudding! So, we asked the team over at HayPigs!® if they’d review this with their lovely piggies. This is what they had to say about organic Timothy hay…

“Not only is this organic Timothy hay USDA-certified organic, but it also lives up to the premium standards we’ve come to expect from Small Pet Select. It smells amazing, is full of variety and texture and is super fresh! Organic hay really is impressive!

The hay is hand-selected and packed with care, and Small Pet Select pride themselves on the fact it will arrive in perfect condition – which it did. It’s super soft, leafy green, a blissfully fragrant.

But don’t just take our word for it – check out the video below to see our happy HayPigs!® devouring it!”

Watch the happy HayPigs!® herd trying our Small Pet Select’s Organic Timothy Hay

Fancy giving it a go? We’ve got all the links you need below. What’s more – Small Pet Select offer a Picky Pet Promise. If for any reason your furry friend isn’t a fan of the hay, they’ll make it right to you…

Hay Collection: Fresh, Healthy Hay Choices for Guinea Pigs | Small Pet Select – Small Pet Select U.S.

Organic Timothy Hay: Organic Timothy Hay – Small Pet Select U.S.

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