Making a Pawsitive Impact! How to Support Your Local Guinea Pig Rescue

Making a Pawsitive Impact! How to Support Your Local Guinea Pig Rescue - Image of a Guinea Pig in a box of goodies from Cavy Corner

Guinea Pig Rescues and Sanctuaries (along with all animal shelters) are truly incredible places. They’re often run by teams of volunteers, or even from people’s homes, with limited resources and funds – all driven by their deep love and commitment to the welfare of our animals.

These dedicated places are frequently overwhelmed with surrenders and always appreciate any additional support you can give. So, what can you do to assist your local guinea pig rescue? There are various ways to express your gratitude and contribute to the community. Here are just a few ideas to get you started…

Adopt (Don’t Shop!)

When you’re thinking about guinea pigs, or expanding your furry family, consider adoption from a reputable rescue. Your local rescue will be run by dedicated guinea pig experts and lovers who will team you up with the most suitable pair (or more!) of piggies for you and your family.


Guinea Pig Rescues consistently require essential supplies to keep going, ranging from food and blankets to cleaning materials and enrichment toys. Some of them maintain an Amazon Wishlist for supply donations, in addition to accepting essential financial contributions through platforms like PayPal. You can find all these details on the rescue’s websites, Instagram profiles, or via our Piggy Pocket Guide links, which are listed in each issue of our magazine (for the rescues that are listed).

Making a Pawsitive Impact! How to Support Your Local Guinea Pig Rescue - Image of a Guinea Pig in a box of goodies from Cavy Corner
Image from Cavy Corner Sanctuary – thank you

Say Thanks & Spread the Word

Have you ever adopted a piggy from a rescue? Maybe you’ve even benefited from their invaluable advice or been touched by a rescue story. You can show your appreciation by giving them a shout-out on your social media and join in on praising the fantastic work they do. The more people who become aware of their efforts, the greater the support they’ll receive!

Get Involved

Many rescues host fundraising events and fun days like fun shows, open days, and even charity runs. Pop along to these events and show your support. You’ll often find piggy groomers, craft stalls, delicious cake stalls and advice from local experts. It’s a great day out for piggy lovers, plus you get to chat and meet other like-minded piggy folk while supporting your favourite rescue! It’s a win-win all round!  

Share Your Talents

Do you have a skill that could benefit the rescue? Perhaps you’re crafty, or great with a camera? Or maybe you could lend a hand from time to time with maintenance at the rescue? Check with the rescue and see if any of your skills could be of use to them.


Rescues are often in need of dedicated individuals to help with volunteering tasks. This is a great opportunity for work experience and you’ll help with everything from care and cage cleaning to washing water bottles to home visits, feeding, educational visits and even fundraising! Check-in with the rescue to see what opportunities are available.  

Remember though, supporting your local rescue doesn’t have to be a grand gesture. Every small act of kindness makes a pawsitive change!

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