Guinea Pig Magazine gets a brand-new look!

Dear Piggy Slaves,

Well, here it is – the big reveal! What do you think? It’s looking pretty good now, huh! Perhaps you can see why I’ve been so excited. I had to shut myself away, lest it graphically bubbled out of me and I showed it coming together to everyone. Instead of a happy new year, it’s a very Happy New Guinea Pig Magazine everybody!

So, I would like to welcome Charlotte to the family officially, she is our graphic designer, and I think you’ll agree, she’s done a great job on us. I’m sure you’ve had a quick flick through at our new luxurious interiors and might even think you’re in the wrong magazine. Well, It’s still GPM, but with Charlotte! And we are looking so HOT right now! (By the way, in this blog post all of my sentences end in exclamation marks, which kind of defeats their purpose; except that I am actually doing a lot of exclaiming!)

We don’t just look good now, we taste good too – if you’re a guinea pig. If you’re not a guinea pig, it still makes for a jolly good read. We’ve left nothing out. There is as much packed into this issue as there usually is. Charlotte has just fitted it in better – you know how some people can pack suitcases neatly and in an organised manner, and others really can’t?

Another person to welcome into our familial fold, is Elf Lyons: Comedian, piggy lover, famous… Her brand-new regular column Elf’s Love Songs to Guinea Pigs is a blast and just as funny as her live show, which we went to see with Sue and Winston from Cavy Corner. We had a raucous evening, and a chat with Elf afterwards. And forced magazines onto her to give to her celebrity friends.

Now, if you’ve not subscribed to our new issue, please do, we’re so excited to show it you! Please come back and let us know what you think of your new GPM.

Okay, Enjoy!


Your Editor

2 thoughts on “Guinea Pig Magazine gets a brand-new look!

  1. Where can I buy the guinea pig need magazine in the UK?

    1. At the moment Shirley, it’s only available from our website You can either sign up for a subscription or check out one of our back issues if you’d like to see what it is like first. Kind regards, Team GPM

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