“Write a blog” they said…

“But I’ve never written a blog – I’m not even sure what a blog is”, I said.

So here I am, Alison your editor, greener than cucumber, writing my first blog. Part of me wants it to be really really good, making my blogging debut a viral smash hit spreading faster than flu (bad analogy?) – and part of me wants it to be really rubbish, so that I don’t get asked to do it again. The rest of me still doesn’t know what to write. Regular magazine readers will already be well aware of my ability to compile a lot of random words that say very little, surely no-one wants more of that!

What would new visitors to the website, and regular GPM readers, want to know about? I guess, you would want to know the status of your next magazine, and to be reassured that it is as full of content as you have come to expect. You might be wondering what GPM is about, and what sort of content there is?

(Your new glossy printed issues have arrived in the warehouse and are now being bagged and labelled ready to be dispatched to you – and digital readers, your issue is being electronically linked, and you will receive an email in the next few days when it is ready).

I suppose a blog covers all of the above, a little of everything, knowledge sharing. And it would be a great platform to give you lots of INFORMATION, INFORMATION, INFORMATION.

If you would like a blog such as that suggested above, please like this little foray. If you don’t wish to see me writing again, don’t like it.

If there are not enough likes at the end of what seems like a long time period for an impatient, I probably won’t be called on again, literary speaking. For I am a recluse. And recluses are not neurogically disposed to social media. (Or stalking. Recluses make bad stalkers too.)

Stay Piggy People, and you know what to do…