UK Lockdown: WHEEK 1:

Who’s Loving Lockdown?

Hello World, how’s it going?

Normal Guinea Pig business will resume shortly, but there doesn’t seem like there is much normal to be had anywhere at the moment. Unprecedented times they are calling it, so It feels a bit amiss to not to be acknowledging it constantly. And for once, every person in the world is in the same boat (not literally obviously as that would be illegal). Every single one of us is having to hurriedly come to terms with a new way of life. For now anyway. The News is changing on a daily, sometimes hourly basis, it’s so hard to keep up; never before was yesterday’s news, as out of date, as it is now. The world has gotten smaller, so much that it doesn’t even need a capital W anymore.

As a reclusive introvert, I admit I’m loving lockdown. I do believe Coronavirus is also helping with my anxiety – One big thing to worry about, replacing all those multitudes of smaller concerns. A sort of Anxiety Consolidation. I can’t even remember what I was in state about two months ago. And on this one, I’m probably no different from anyone else – which is refreshing. And, as I just can’t get enough alone time, I might even be doing better mentally, than a few people.

GPM UPDATE: Apart from any upcoming postage or transportation problems (not yet foreseen), your Guinea Pig Magazine will be largely unaffected by the Covid-19 outbreak.

Now is a great time to be connecting with your guinea pigs, camera in hand, securing their position forever in the annals of GPM history. You, dear people, are the content of Guinea Pig Magazine.

We want to know how you and your guinea pigs are coping in these rapidly changing times?

How’s Lockdown for you and your pigs?

Have you had to cope with a guinea pig medical emergency?

Are your guineas celebrities on Instagram or Youtube?

What does your piggy set-up look like?

Do you have any guinea pig questions for our Experts?

Write to us and send your pictures:

Stay Safe, Stay Piggy!

This has been Alison, your editor, self-isolating and loving lockdown!

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