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Keep Your Piggies Close & Your Veggies Even Closer, meet @swedishpiggymafia – It wouldn’t be a reality show without our real piggy celeb influencers. This issue, we meet Emma and her adorable herd.

Have We Got News For You! GPM Makes its Television Debut!

To Breed or Not to Breed… That is the Question – If we stopped all breeding of guinea pigs worldwide, would it solve the rescue crisis? Two experts present opposing sides of the debate.

Stones, Pees & Squeaky Wees – Resident Piggy Whisperer, Wiebke Wiese-Thomas examines the urinary tract, its functions, identifying potential problems, and discussing solutions.

How & When to Make Poop Soup! We Ask the Experts.

What’s It Like to Be a Royal Piggy? – Resident Cartoonist’s Take on Guinea Pig Royalty.

The State of The Nation’s Guinea Pigs – Exciting new research from the Royal Veterinary College (RVC). We take a closer look at the study that investigated anonymous veterinary clinical records of a random sample of 3,785 guinea pigs (out of the 51,622 guinea pigs) registered with vets in 2019.

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