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Some of what’s inside:

Join us for a Hoedown at Hog Springs – The Wild West comes to the North-East! – It’s Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid meets Pat Carrot and Billy the Pig! We take a visit to see Sheriff Diesel and his cowsows at Hog Springs, Northumberland Zoo’s Wild West Guinea Pig Village.

Introducing the Icons, Paul & Lionel Two Pocket-sized Princes – Celeb Piggies of Instagram @fransfloofs! We catch up with Fran and chat about her two superstar, super-spoiled, super adorable piggies -Paul and Lionel.

Rescue Stories: Meet Lumie, the Little Moon Boy – A Rescue Story. Lumie was just five weeks old when he was surrendered to Cavy Capers. Sarah shares little Lumie’s story with us and how he stole her heart.

Spotting a Satin Guinea Pig with Saskia Chiesa – The Problem with Satins. At the forefront of US guinea pig medicine, Saskia Chiesa founder and Manager of LA Guinea Pig Rescue, gives it to us straight.

Live & Wheeking – How to make your own Pea Flakes – It’s Ambassador Kat, showing us how to beat the cost of piggy treats by making them yourself. And keep it to yourselves, we don’t want to put anyone out of business!

The Piggy Whisperer – Disappearing Breeds – Wiebke Wiese-Thomas introduces a controversial subject for us to have a hearty debate.

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