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Some of what’s inside:

To Boldly Go Where No Piggy Has Gone Before – Sci-fi Geeks Salivate – We’ve Got an AI Special!

Can AI Really Look After Guinea Pigs? – We Put It to The Test. In an innovative experiment, Young Ambassador Kat is entrusting ChatGPT with the care of her guinea pigs, Smartie and Raisin.

Squeak Dreams are Made of These – Meet Phoebe, Roxy, Callie and Nacho! In the world of Real Celeb Piggies, the piggies of @SqueakDreams are up there with the best. We interview their human and social media manager, Sarah Birtley.

Vet Agata Brings Us Part 2 – An in-depth insight into reproductive system disease. In the second part of this series, we continue exploring the reproductive system diseases which can affect sows and advance our understanding of spaying guinea pigs.

Something Is Not Quite Right About a New Cage Mate… Find Out What in Our Kakazuma Comic Strip.

The Piggy Whisperer – Behaviours in Their Context. Part 5: Dominance. Guinea pigs live in a hierarchical society. Dominance behaviours are therefore at the heart of every daily interaction. Wiebke Wiese-Thomas takes a close look at these for us.

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