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Some of what’s inside:

Hats Off to These Pint-Sized Potatoes – Meet Our Celeb Piggies of Instagram – @gus.n.ruby AKA Pigs in Hats! Check out all these little guinea pig-size props. We truly believe some pigs are just natural models. When you see them unaffected by the camera and oblivious to the props, you know you’ve found a right piggy poser.

Poopology – Our Scoop on Poop! You can learn a lot about a piggy’s health from their poop. Do you know what to look out for and what it means? Wiebke Wiese Thomas is holding a poopology class in these pages.

Brave – ‘My Story’ Celebrating Cavy Corner’s Award-Winning Piggy. Thoughts Before Vegtime with Sue Tate of Cavy Corner Guinea Sanctuary. It’s reflections and resolutions at the rescue – and just look who else is an award winner!

Honey, I Shrunk the Pigs! Meet The Maker Who Is Crafting Cavies. Naomi has been talking clay with Aleks Art Emporium. These adorable sculptures are so sweet, they’re a treat for the eyes and awws!

Rescue Story – How Waffle the Wonder Piggy Found Love. Little Wheekers to the Rescue. Waffle the Wonder Piggy Finds Love: A heartwarming rescue story with a happy ending. Told by Lesley Schneider of The Little Wheekers Guinea Pig Rescue.

Visit From Agata the Vet – It’s our in-house vet Agata Witowska. Part 1 of 3: Reproductive System Disease in Sows. Keep an open mind and come on an educational three-part journey that will advance your understanding of spaying guinea pigs.

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