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Some of what’s inside:

Ho, Ho, Ho, Everypawdy! – The Real Celeb Piggies of Instagram – @bonnet_and_scabbers – We chat with Julia de Groote from the Netherlands and meet Wokkle, Binny, Brownie & Molly – four very cute potatoes. What better way to take us into the festive season.

Guinea Gifts Galore – It’s Christmas all wrapped up! Grab some refreshments and put on your comfortable clothes. Put your feet up, as we are going guinea pig shopping, and we may be some time!

First Aid for Hay Pokes – What to do when you notice a hay poke. We pop over to Los Angeles to talk with Saskia about what you can do when you notice your piggy has something in their eye, or you notice that classic white eye that screams hay poke…

A Reader’s Story – Love at First Sight – What can you do when you wander into a shop, and there’s a guinea pig pleading with you to get them out of there?

The Keepers of The Pigs – A Guinea Pig Documentary – We are behind the scenes with filmmaker Sharon Walia about her new guinea pig documentary, ‘The Keepers of the pigs’.

A Beginner’s Guide – Are Guinea Pigs the Right Pet for You? Guinea Pigs are for life, not just Christmas. This is your guide to checking whether guinea pigs are the right pet for you – they are deceptively demanding! With our expert, Cathy Alliss.

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