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Some of what’s inside:

The Jimmy’s Farm Finale! – We are back down South with Rik & Helen at the most famous farm in the country. We even manage to catch the elusive Jimmy Doherty for a quick word about the incredible HayPigs!® custom-built guinea pig village.

The Five Freedoms – You have a legal duty to any animal in your care. Guinea pigs have the same rights as any other animal. New expert, Louise Nuttall, takes us through our legal responsibilities.

The Real Celeb Pigs of Instagram – In the studio this issue we talk with @neron_i_luna. We delve into the lives of Lila Włodarska and her beautiful guinea pigs, including cover star, Atena, and pay tribute to Neron and his famous skateboarding picture.

The Piggy Whisperer – Part 1: Veterinary Clinics – A vet special with Wiebke Wiese Thomas, discussing accessibility, rising costs, and specialist care. Part 1 of 2.

A Reader’s Story – Living with Claustrophobia – Reader, Julia Page, shares her extraordinary story of claustrophobia and how her condition has led to her piggies enjoying freedom and the joy of free-ranging. 

Thoughts Before Vegtime – Are you Board(ing)? – Sue Tate of Cavy Corner asks if rising costs are hitting you hard and looks at the different boarding options and the reasons you might need them.

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