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Some of what’s inside:

The Real Celeb Piggies of Instagram – featuring @Amelie_and_the_piggies. I bet you can’t look at these piggies without a little swoon. We talk to slave Jennifer Shannan, while we are working out how many of these stunning pigs we can fit in our pockets!

All Wheekers Great and Small – With Saskia from LA Guinea Pig Rescue. WILDFIRES, GUINEA PIGS, EVACUATING: It’s frightening to think that we may all have to evacuate with guinea pigs at some stage. Saskia in LA has done it. She talks us through the terrifying night in 2019 when the wildfires were heading straight for them destroying everything. Thank goodness they were prepared for such an event.

Book Shed – Looking at a selection of the guinea pig books available. This issue: Love you from A-Z, Dixon arrives at Rainbow Bridge, A Week with Waffles.

The Herd, The Group And I – Boys: Part 2 with Wiebke Wiese Thomas our Piggy Whisperer. Boars are definitely the simpler gender and don’t deserve the bad press they get!

Rescue Story – The pink & white sugar babies. So sweet and innocent. Luckily, they were rescued just in time. By Becky Wilson from The Metropolitan Guinea Pig Rescue In Washington in the US.

Thoughts Before Veg-Time – The 4th Emergency Service – The Poor relative. Poverty is hitting everyone. Even Rescues! But sometimes they are treated like an endlessly funded emergency service!

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