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Hows does it work?

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Some of what’s inside:

Guinea Pigs Rock! – Not that you ever needed proof. But if you did need proof, then here it is. Ariel Bellvalaire is a young, fresh, rock chick making waves in the US. And her black skinny pig Gucci goes with her…

Visiting Your Vet – How to get the most from your appointment. After all it’s not just the piggies that can find it stressful.

All Wheekers Great & Small – The discovery of a new syndrome that’s been emerging in LA. Saskia, our piggy pioneer is of course at the front of the action. We are of course looking at Calcified Bulla Syndrome.

The Furry Tales Of Edwin Piggles – Andrew Millham brings us Part 2 of an exclusive series of short fairy tales told by Edwin Piggles, our guinea pig protagonist.

Piggie Parodies = Competition – Catching up with old friends. In this case it’s Alan Pirie of Piggie Parodies who is also being generous enough to offer a glamorous prize for our dastardly difficult New Year Competition.

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