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Some of what’s inside:

Rescue Story: Mythbusting – What it is, and what it’s not! Common misconceptions of the RSPCA. With their new social media officer Maddi McKinley.

Would you give up a £250K job for a guinea pig? – I guess you wouldn’t know unless you were in that situation. But Si did, and this is how he turned his love for guinea pigs into a business. Here is the story of the co-founder of Guineadad!

Piggy Products – Socially distanced shopping for the newest and brightest guinea products on the market today, for piggies and their humans! See anything you fancy?

Pet Anxiety – When you worry more about your piggies than you are enjoying them, you may want to consider whether you could be suffering from pet anxiety. By Wiebke Wiese Thomas.

Guinea Pig Therapy Centres – Cuddly Cavies: A new sort of therapy that gets our stamp of approval. It’s all about the healing power of guinea pigs. Every area should have one!

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