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Some of what’s inside:

PigPost – It’s your letters! The meeting place for readers across this crazy world: A get together of letters, pictures, and piggies.

Head Tilts – From our specialist veterinary nurse, Abi Edis. What are the reasons for a head tilt piggy, and is there any treatment for it. Plus we go behind the scenes when one of Abi’s own guineas undergoes surgery.

Elf’s Love Songs to Guinea Pigs – The guineas have been banned to the garage, and who’s using their shampoo… ? Just another week for Elf in Lockdown.

The Real Celeb-Piggies of Instagram – Guinea Pig Adventures: By Lysanne Robben, meet the famous piggy faces that also starred in well known Youtube video with nearly 2 million views!

Thoughts before Vegtime – A Different Normal for Cavy Corner: From Sue Tate. How has Cavy Corner been coping with the Lockdown – and will things go back to how they were before?

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