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Hows does it work?

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Some of what’s inside:

Ask The Experts Confidential – The questions on all our lips at the moment: Can my guinea catch Coronavirus? What is the position of vets in the Lockdown? And, what constitutes a piggy emergency? What would we do without our multidisciplinary team of esteemed and dedicated Experts!

Days Of Their Lives – Piggy Whispering by Wiebke Wiese Thomas: The Forgotten Years. What young piggies learn from their elders at this critical stage of their development.

Fantastic Weeds & How To Find Them – Finding and cultivating weeds: From our Exotics Vet Nurse Abigail Edis. The best type of fresh food for your pig is free!

A Step-By-Step Guide: To Drawing Guinea Pigs – Catherine Rayner, famous for drawing Olga da Polga demonstrates the simple principles of putting together one of her iconic illustrations of Olga. Now everyone can draw!

Vitamin C – What is Vitamin C and why is it so important? Especially at this time of global restrictions and rationing. From Kim Halford MRCVS.

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