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Hows does it work?

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Some of what’s inside:

The Absolute Beginner’s Guide To Guinea Pigs – Because we are all beginners at one time or another. New Expert Catherine Alliss guides you through the basics that you need to get right, for happy, healthy guineas.

The Senses of Guinea Pigs – How Does Your Piggy Smell? Continuing the Anatomy series, our longest standing Expert, Katherine Frayling takes a look at how or guinea pigs breathe, and some important facts about their noses and airway.

Guinea Pig Magazine’s Next Top Model – In 55 issues, Gilbert is only the second Skinny pig to appear on the cover! His slave tells us more about him…

Days of Their Lives – Feeling broody? You will after this. Part 2: Baby Days – The First Weeks. By In-house piggy whisperer Wiebke Wiese Thomas, a pigs eye perspective of those informative first few weeks of life.

The Piggy Artists – Never has the GPM art room been so bestowed. Catherine Rayner and her magical illustrations are famous the world over. Come and meet her, you may be surprised at what you discover…

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