What’s Inside: Issue 81 of Guinea Pig Magazine is Out Now!

Get your latest piggy-goodness fix – issue 81 is OUT NOW! If you absolutely love your guinea pigs; love learning and caring for them, our magazine is a must-have. Jam-packed with exciting and informative content, this month is full of tips, interviews and piggy updates from the community, all written from to help you care for your little floofs.

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s inside issue 81 of Guinea Pig Magazine:

Meet Pigfluencer @swedishpiggymafia

Keep Your Piggies Close & Your Veggies Even Closer: Meet @swedishpiggymafia! This issue features Emma and her adorable herd of guinea pig influencers. It wouldn’t be a reality show without our real piggy celeb influencers!

How & When to Make Poop Soup!: We ask the experts about this curious yet essential aspect of guinea pig care.

Have We Got News For You!: GPM makes its television debut! Find out all about our exciting journey to the small screen.

Thought provoking debate on breeding

To Breed or Not to Breed… That is the Question: We dive into a thought-provoking debate. Two experts present opposing sides on whether stopping all guinea pig breeding worldwide would solve the rescue crisis.

Stones, Pees & Squeaky Wees: Our resident Piggy Whisperer, Wiebke Wiese-Thomas, examines the urinary tract, its functions, and potential problems. Discover solutions to keep your piggies healthy.

What’s It Like to Be a Royal Piggy?: Enjoy our resident cartoonist’s humorous take on guinea pig royalty.

The State of The Nation’s Guinea Pigs: Explore exciting new research from the Royal Veterinary College (RVC). We take a closer look at a study that investigated anonymous veterinary clinical records of a random sample of 3,785 guinea pigs out of the 51,622 registered with vets in 2019.

Plus, we chat with dutch illustrator,
Daphne @pigginessdesigns

All of this, plus all of your favourite GPM features!

Don’t miss out on this fantastic issue. Get your copy today and join us in celebrating all things guinea pig!

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