Piggy Double Hammock


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These Double Hammocks are superb quality, made from quilted type material and attaches to the cage with clips.
There are two options for piggies, who can either lounge on the top layer or snuggle in the bottom one – or even hide away underneath the whole thing!
This item will comfortably fit 2 adult piggies or several small piggies. Similar matching items are available if you want to coordinate your cage.

Bottom section 40cm (16″) along the front edge. Top section 30cm (12″) along the top edge. 30cm (12″) deep.


Please note that hammocks aren’t suited to all guinea pigs and should be used responsibly, i.e. use as a cosy addition to the floor or, if hanging, position low in the cage for increased stability, particularly for more ‘solid’ or heavy guinea pigs, and seniors. 

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 195 g
Dimensions 35 x 25 x 4 cm

Leopard print, Cheetah print, Zebra print, Blue stripe print, Pink with white polka dots print