Issue 52, September/October 2019


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Issue 52 – September & October 2019

A virtual, last of the Summer romp through the hay, with guineas galore! Issue 52, Probably, the best Guinea Pig Magazine in the World…


Rescue Story: The Tale of the Eight Little Lab Piggies: From The Guinea Pig Slave Rescue in the USA, the story of how these little pigs were brought back to life…


The Five Freedoms: Part 5: By our in-house veterinary nurse Abi Edis, the final part in  our series breaking down the Five Welfare Needs of all animals, and how they apply to guinea pigs (and our responsibilities as owners). This issue: The Need To Be Protected from Pain, Suffering, Injury, and Disease


Celebrities of INSTAGRAM:We are on tour for the most famous of social media piggies, this issue we meet thepiggypotatoes


The Piggy Artists: A new season of Interviews with artists making their name in piggy art – from paint to sculpture. Here we meet Carol Lew and her famous portraits in oils.


Otto & Bear’s Diary: A Gummy Bear! Otto has developed an aversion to being held, and Bear has had his dental surgery. A unique insight to the challenges and rewards of looking after severely disabled piggies.


TOP to TOE Anatomy: The SENSES OF THE GUINEA PIG: Part 1 : Sight. With Expert Katharine Frayling, we look into the eyes of our guinea pigs to see what they see.


A Closer Look At Couples : Part 5: Mixed gender Pairs. By Wiebke Wiese Thomas. The most stable of all the coupling variations, but possibly the most chaotic in the initial stages. Plus a Conclusion to the series.


Reader’s Story: Pookie’s Story –  From Reader Michelle Harris,  how TLC and a will to live conquered a mystery illness.


Guinea Gallery: Your pigs. And who are the Top Pigtures in this issue who’ll receive a prize from our generous friends at Rosewood Pet products.


And that’s not all! All the Regulars are here too, with your questions, your letters, and YOUR PIGS!

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