Issue 51, July/August 2019


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Issue 51 is a fresh breeze into summer, with a refreshing NEW LOOK Magazine:


TOP to TOE Anatomy

Signs Of Pain In Guinea Pigs: From Ki halford MRCVS, learn the signs of short and longer term pain, and what it may mean. Bearing in mind that as a prey animal, guineas will do their best to hide any signs of weakness.


A Closer Look At Couples 

Part 4: Sow Pairs. By Wiebke Wiese Thomas. Sows are a law onto themselves when it comes to complex characters. Here are some of the myths and challenges when putting girls together!



New Series: We follow the lives of two little Lethal White boys, Otto and Bear, as they grow and develop. A unique insight to the trials and rewards of looking after severely disabled piggies.


Rescue Story 

Gertie’s Lonely Boars Club Band: From Sam Jackson of Gertie’s Lonely Guinea pig Rescue in the UK, with the dreaded LONE BOAR conundrum of what to do with a bereaved boar?



An RSPCA update from last issue’s piggy dumped outside in a cardboard box. (Can you guess what type of box he was found in?)


The Five Freedoms: Part 4

By our in-house veterinary nurse Abi Edis. Part 4 of our series breaking down the Five Welfare Needs of all animals, and how they apply to guinea pigs (and our responsibilities as owners). This issue: The Need

To Exhibit Normal Behaviors…


SUE’S Thoughts Before Vegtime

Tomorrow’s Piggy Savvy Vets: Find out what happened when student Vet Tia asked if she could complete her EMS at Cavy Corner.


Gertie’s Guide to Successful Bonding 

Gertie’s Lonely Guinea pig Rescue gives us their tried and tested advice on boar bonding.



Your Letters, Your Questions, Your Piggies, Your Magazine!  Oh, and great prizes to be won too.

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