Issue 50, May/June 2019


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Here we are – Issue number 50. And ’they’ said a magazine JUST about guinea pigs, couldn’t work… Well, things are getting exciting in this issue with and Exclusive article which prove the text books wrong – and proves GPM always has the most up to date information there is!

Rescue Story 

From Alex Winterford of the Gold Coast Guinea Pig Rescue. How Australia’s rescue and fostering system is working for the Piggy At The End Of The Line.


A Closer Look at guinea Pig Pairings

Pairs make up the vast  majority of how guinea pigs are kept as pets. Wiebke Weise-Thomas, in-house piggy whisperer takes a look at how this works in a new series. This issue it’s Boar pairings – and a pictorial guide for correctly sexing those pigs!


TOP to TOE Anatomy

The Anatomy of a Lump – How to read a Histology 

Report. Expert, Katharine Frayling follows ‘Daisy’s lump’ through the diagnostic investigation.


Sue’s Thoughts Before Vegtime

The clinical trial that proves the guinea pig reference books are wrong on one of their ‘facts’


Two Dental Stories

Two reader’s stories of dental issues; One resolved itself, but the other is a disturbing and ongoing problem – what would you do?


The Five Freedoms: Part 3

By our in-house veterinary nurse Abi Edis. Part 3 of our series where we examine the Five Welfare Needs of all animals, and look

how they apply to us. This issue: The Need to Live With or Without other animals…


Ask the Experts

Our multi-discipline team of Experts are on standby to answer your questions at


PLUS: Guinea Pigs of Instagram – Meet Earl from Canada, Your Letters, Our Roving Experts – How our Experts spend their days off! The Adorable  Adoptables, and it just wouldn’t be complete without Your Pigs!


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