Issue 49, March/April 2019


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POPCORN into Spring with Issue 49 (March & April)


It’s another overflowing bowl of articles and features, all for you!


Rescue Story: The story of little Babybel. Written by Lyn Chuffnut, Manager of Chuffnut Cavies, a branch of Australia’s Cavy Sanctuary based in Melbourne Australia. There then follows an urgent appeal from the rescue.


Guinea Pig Appreciation Day (GAD): No, it’s not about buying your guineas cards and flowers – we know we appreciate them every day. It’s important in the process of changing public perception. They are not just guinea pigs!


The Five Freedoms: By our in-house veterinary nurse Abi Edis. Part 2 of our series where we delve into The Five Welfare Needs of all animals, and look how they apply to us as responsible piggy slaves.


My Special needs Pig: Little Lethal White Luna: A reader’s story of an incredible little piggy called Luna. Like the rescue Story, it will uplift, and then break your heart. Tissues at the ready folks.


Single Pigs: Part 2: Companionship Options. And Part 3: Caring for Single Pigs; looking after those little loners. By Wiebke Weise-Thomas, in-house piggy whisperer.


Does Your Guinea have What It Takes? … to be a qualified Therapig. Meet Rapunzel who was put through her paces and is now qualified, she even has an ID card and is now carrying out important work in Cincinnati


TOP to TOE Anatomy: The Muscoskeletal System: How your guinea pig gets up and moves around. With advice on what to do with common injuries like sprains and strains. By in-house veterinary surgeon Kim Halford.



Plus all the in-between mouthfuls; Ask the Experts, Your letters, An appeal from the RSPCA, a brand new photo competition, Sue’s Thoughts Before VegTime, with lashings and lashings of your gorgeous pigs. Look forward to seeing you inside…

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