Issue 48, January/February 2019


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Welcome to the fresh new feel of issue 48


In this issue:


Rescue Story: The Wetlands rescue: By Michiko Vartanian of Orange County Cavy Haven in the US. The incredible rescue of a family of guinea pigs seen in the marshes.


My Special Needs Pig: Reader’s Story: Bramble’s tale shows us how the power of love and TLC can conquer almost anything!


Suzie’s Survival Story From our expert Veterinary Nurse, Abi Edis, the story of Suzie, a guinea pig with a lethal twisted and bloated stomach


GPM’S Next Top Model: Pili Pala: The sweet guinea on the cover this issue, belongs to our very own Piggy Whisperer, Wiebke Wiese-Thomas.


Single Pigs: Part 1: Challenges and Responsibilities. By Wiebke Weise-Thomas, and how to tell if a single pig really wants to be a singleton?


A Guide to Training Guinea Pigs! Go Guinea Pigs: Sienna Taylor of Hartbury University shows us how and why guineas make excellent training subjects.


The Five Freedoms: An introduction to the five welfare needs. Plus Part 1: The need for a suitable environment. By expert Veterinary Nurse Abi Edis.


TOP to TOE Anatomy: The Teeth: Each issue one of our veterinary experts will be looking at part of the guinea pig’s anatomy. This issue we look at the teeth with expert Veterinary Surgeon Kim Halford.


Saying Goodbye: Part 4: From long term expert Rachel Malcolm Ways of Remembering Them. Expert Rachel Malcolm looks at the many different ways we can remember our passed piggies


Do guinea Pigs Have a 6th Sense? Expert Rachel gives her thoughts on this mystical question…


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