Issue 47, November/December 2018


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Issue 47 The Christmas one!

A Fun, Festive, Cracker of an Issue


New SERIES: TOP to TOE Anatomy

The Brain and Spinal Cord: Each issue one of our veterinary experts will be looking in depth at part of the guinea pig’s anatomy, and what the signs are when it is not functioning as it should.


Rescue Story

Daisy’s Story: Someone’s Special Piggy… but whose? A story to give you a warm mulled glow inside!


An Audience with…

Famous on Youtube and social media, we meet the human and piggies that are The Lava Empire!


MOODY Guinea Pigs and their Humans – Are you being manipulated?

Piggy Whisperer, Wiebke Weise-Thomas lets us into the secret of guinea pigs and their subtle ways of manipulating us – yes we really are slaves. Therein this article gives us a glance of what it might be like to be able to open the fridge at night…


Pictures from the Guinea pig forum

The results of The Guinea Pig Forum’s Summer Photo Competition. And a proper christmassy guinea gallery!


Who’s In My Bowl?

We meet Author Lynda Stewart and look inside the new guinea pig reading book for primary school ages. Inspired by her own guinea pigs she tells us how she went about turning her idea into a published book


GIFT SHOPPING including a Pop-up Christmas Rescues Shop

It wouldn’t be Christmas without shopping. We have Christmas all wrapped up for you, for me, for everyone… you can also support Guinea Pig Rescues by stocking up on gifts from their online shops



The traditional annual Christmas Competitions, with great prizes from Rosewood Pet products, Supreme PetFoods, and Burgess.


Personality Tests for  Guinea Pigs

Dr Tamara is back to tell us about NEW RESEARCH that gives us a means to identify personality traits in our guinea pigs – not dissimilar to human personality profiling.


Saying Goodbye

Part 3 of Coping with Death series: Terminal Illness: Looking after guinea pigs when they get a terminal diagnosis – but aren’t quite ready to leave us yet.


PLUS: Your Letters, A Gorgeous Guinea Gallery (Did your pig make it onto our pages in the new Gallery), Ask the Experts with advice from our new (and old) experts, GPM’s Next Top Pig is the beautiful Elli-Mae, and really quite a lot more!


This magazine is for you, all of you, and we love hearing your piggy stories. Send stories and pictures straight through to the editor:

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