Issue 46, September/October 2018


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Issue 46: A thought provoking, heart rending, soul searching, topical and relevant bundle of pages for September & October!

This issue has a good mixture of everything to make you laugh and cry. It’s about celebrations and saying goodbyes, hormones and communicable diseases, with a lot of your other favourites packed in between. And you know we pride ourselves on how much we can actually fit in!


As always, we begin with a Rescue Story, are you sitting comfortably…?

From Natalie Fox in Queensland, Australia, a quadruplet of stories with a common theme – Osteodystrophy – a painful and incurable disease.

From Sue Tate at Cavy Corner in the UK, we celebrate 10 years of Cavy Corner with amazing pictures and equally amazing story.

From Expert Katharine Frayling, find out what diseases and conditions you may be sharing with your guinea pig – and would you recognise Ringworm if you saw it?

From Expert Rachel Malcolm, we continue our series on Saying Goodbye by tackling the really tough questions – how do you know when it’s the right time to say goodbye…

From our veterinary experts, answers to some the hardest questions  we ever have to ask.

From Piggy Whisperer Wiebke Weise Thomas, do you have hormones in the house? They could be responsible for the majority of difficult behavioural issues!

From Jo Lockett, MatchPigs, a bonding project from April Lodge, shares some of it’s tips and advice on bonding – and some of their success stories… aaah!

From YOU, Your Letters, A Gorgeous Guinea Gallery (Did your pig make it onto our pages in the new Gallery), Ask the Experts with advice from our new (and old) experts, Reincarnation? GPM’s Next Top Pig, and really quite a lot more!


This magazine is for you, all of you, and we love hearing your piggy stories. You can send stories and pictures directly to the editor:

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