Issue 45, July/August 2018


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Issue 45: A Very Summery Festival of Guinea Pigs!

A bold new issue, for a bold new age, with new Experts and rarely discussed topics!


Rescue Story: From Sue Tate at Cavy Corner, this is Ned’s Rescue Story and it’s one of Rescue and Recovery…


Coping with Grief: Although this theme runs throughout the issue, Expert Rachel Malcolm investigates what grief is and why we feel it so deeply – with advice and a helpline for pet bereavement services.


I’m in A Jealous Relationship With my guinea pig! How jealous and possessive are your pigs?


The New Experts! We have three new Experts to introduce to you – all with a veterinary background…


Animal Assisted Therapies: The pig’s perspective: To end our current series on therapy pigs, we bring you research from Zazie Todd at Psychology Today. What are the conditions needed for therapy pigs to be happy in their role?


Pigs in Peru A Fantastic Reader’s Story: When James and his partner visited Peru, they witnessed how the native guinea pig live, and how much they are revered by the Peruvian people!


Meet the Piggy Artists: Rachel Savage is an accomplished pet portrait artist. When you see her work you may well recognise some of her wonderful piggy paintings – Fancy a portrait of your piggy?


Medical A-Z: Y is for Your Responsibilities as a pet owner. Including the alleviation of

suffering – and making the hardest decision of all, to have your piggy put to sleep.


Coping with Grief: Guilt. We make the best decisions we can, out of love and good intent. But oh how we beat ourselves up when the unexpected happens… this is a touching, familiar, but heart-wrenching Reader’s Story


COMPETITION: Five of you lucky people will win your choice of tunnel or cosy from the Exclusive new Rosewood range, in a really easy competition.


Also, Your Letters, A Gorgeous Guinea Gallery (Did your pig make i onto our pages in the new Gallery), Ask the Experts with advice from our new (and old) experts, GPM’s Next Top Pig is called Twitch (and he can pull funny faces!), and really quite a lot more!


This magazine is for you, all of you, and we love hearing your piggy stories. Send stories and pictures straight through to the editor:

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