Issue 44, May/June 2018


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Issue 44: A fresh and exciting new issue to bring you a warmth in your heart and a spring in your step!

We continue to talk Mental Health but moving over to that of our guinea pigs. Do your guineas have ‘issues’?

Rescue Story: We always start with a good Rescue Story and this is no exception: A Baby Named Angel, is from Amy Mothershaw, Manager of Merrypigs Guinea Sanctuary.

Adoptables, Adoptables, Adoptables: There are families, bonded groups, bonded pairs, singletons, and babies, whatever you can think of! All are ready now for a FOREVER home.

PIGGIE PARODIES with Alan Pirie:  Our guest genius this issue is Alan Pirie, the man behind BatPig and other wonderful posters and images of popular films and bands with a bit of piggie pimping. Plus you can WIN a T-Shirt in our super easy competition!


Skinny Therapy with Spencer and Sheldon:  Oh my goodness, wait until you see these two. Shannon Barry talks about how they qualified as therapy pigs – and what their job is. If you are a Skinny fan you are going to FALL IN LOVE!


The Easter SnowPig Competition: When the ‘Beast from the East’ hit at Easter, we asked you to do something constructive with you spare snow. Here is what you made, and the Winner of the Surprise Prize is…


Medical A-Z: X-Rays: What are they, how are they taken, and why your guinea pig might need one! Thank goodness we have our in-house expert Katharine Frayling. Lots of new pictures!

How is Your Guinea Pig’s Mental Health?  Wiebke the Piggy Whisperer looks at Depression and Bullying as we start moving into the realms of mental health in our pigs; What to look out for – and what you can do to help!

The ChickChick Interview: We talk to Dean Barratt, our man at RoseWood Pet Products about their delicious Meadow Menu. Surely my sweet little Chick wouldn’t play any more tricks, and Mr Dean definitely wouldn’t fall for them….

Reader’s Story: Oscar; The Pig of My Life.  Dealing with grief is something that affects us all, in some way, at some time. We start to look at this massive problem of our beloved pigs dying on us… TISSUES!


Thoughts Before VegTime: How long do piggies grieve for – and how long should you wait before introducing a new partner?

…. And we also squeezed in: Your Letters (Get in touch and have your say!),  A Gorgeous Gallery (Is your piggy in there?), Ask the Experts (meet Scarlet who has a rare deformity that makes her even sweeter), GPM’s Next Top Pig (is young Mr Arthur) Top Trumps, and more…  


This magazine is for you, all of you, and we love hearing your piggy stories. Send stories and pictures to the editor Alison :

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