Issue 43, March/April 2018


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Issue 43: A Purifying and Cleansing issue for Spring!  

We continue to talk Mental Health – Or ‘Check-up from the neck up’ as we like to call it – and are still welcoming your experiences!

Rescue Story: It’s the most official and up to date account of the rescue of the NorCal 700! The hoarding case of guinea pigs in Northern California, initially estimated at 500, then 700… included are the actual figures from the largest rescue undertaken in recorded history.

And the NorCal (and other US) Adoptables! There are families, bonded groups, bonded pairs, and babies, whatever you can think of! All ready now for Adoption.

Asking for Help; When, Why, How, Who: When faced with illness, loss, displacement or unforeseen circumstances – what do you about the guinea pigs? We all know it’s not fair to let them suffer but asking for help is a big step. Here are some tips by someone who is frequently on the receiving end, Sue Tate Manager of Cavy Corner Guinea Sanctuary.


Reader’s Story: My Second Family, The Guinea Pig Forum. How one reader found companionship, support, and advice, on one of the World’s largest guinea pig forums.


Reader’s Story: How My Guinea Pigs Saved Me: A reader’s honest and candid account of mental health difficulties, and how having guinea pigs most certainly saved her.


MORRIS the Therapy Pig:  Morris is part of the Pony Pals Therapy Team. When you meet him and the rest of the team, you’ll be wanting them for Home Visits!


Product Review of TROPIBED: A new environmentally friendly alternative to wood shavings; It’s been a while since the Bedding Reviews so we were happy to put Tropibed to the test, and these are the results.

Medical A-Z: W is for What are STONES, Where do they come from, and Why are guineas prone to them: Thank goodness for in-house expert Katharine Frayling!

GPM’s Next Top Model: Crunchie.  Some of you will recognise her from the Hay Pigs? Find out all about her and how this amazing cover photo was taken.

Ask the Experts: Q&A: If you Ask the questions, our Experts will try to answer them, using the years of knowledge and experience they have behind them. If you have any queries or concerns about your guinea’s health or behaviour, email the Experts on

Thoughts Before VegTime: With Sue Tate. You can conquer all with a lot of love, and a little know how!

…. And then we also have Your Letters (Get in touch and have your say!), Your Gallery, and more of Your regulars!

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