Issue 42, January/February 2018


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Issue 42: A fresh and feel good edition to ease you through January & February 2018.

And we are talking Mental Health:

A Check-up From The Neck up: Something we all need from time to time! With her experience as a forum moderator, Wiebke looks at some of the common anxieties that owners suffer with, with tips and advice on looking after yourself – and your pigs


AN EXCLUSIVE! Teacher’s Pet: The Beneficial Effects of Guinea Pigs. The results of new research suggests our guinea pigs do have some therapeutic benefits! By Dr Tamara Montrose.


Reader’s Story: How My Guinea Pigs Helped Me: A frank account of mental difficulties and the role guinea pigs played in helping one reader.

YOUR EXPERIENCES: We asked you whether your pigs help keep you emotionally well, and we included as many as your responses as we could fit in!

Grizzly Therapig – Licensed to Practice: The heart warming story of Grizzly, the piggy who was destined to become a ‘Therapig’.

Rescue Story: The Avondale Rescue: “Guinea Pigs – Always Hungry”. A hard hitting story from Australia that required Rescues from across Queensland to come together for the massive undertaking!

Guineapigopoly:  The classic board game with a piggy twist. Developed by Wheektown Guinea Pig Rescue in Queensland, the woman behind it, Sarah Prammer, talks us through from concept, to production.

Medical A-Z: V is for Viruses. Very topical at the moment as the world is gripped by flu. Here are common viruses that can affect our pigs, and how to prevent them.

GPM’s New Top Model: Skinny Pete. Find out why this beautiful cover is a massive surprise for Lucy Taylor!

Ask the Experts: Q&A: If you Ask the questions, our Experts will try to answer them, using the years of knowledge and experience they have behind them. If you have any queries or concerns about your guinea’s health or behaviour, email the Experts on

Reader’s Story: “Free to a good home”. Meet Calvin & Hobbs, and oh my goodness, if you love Skinnies this will make you melt!

TOP TRUMPS: We launch our new photo competition

Thoughts Before VegTime: With Sue Tate. “What – Just for a guinea pig?”

…. And, because we don’t like to see any unfilled space, we also have Your Letters, A Gallery of Gorgeousness, The Adoprables (home and away), and lots more!

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