Issue 41, November/December 2017


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Issue 41 November & December, An unashamedly decorative and festive issue!

Rescue Story: It’s Christmas Day in Montreal, Canada, a tiny cage turns up, abandoned. But in the cage is a guinea pig and two large stones …? This story with a happy ending is told by Jodie of Jiggledy Piggeldy Guinea Pig Rescue.

Reader’s Pigs: When Furry Friends fall Out! It has happened to many of us; two bonded boys living happily together, suddenly fall out and can’t live together again. What do you do?

My Special (needs) Pig: We love our pigs with disabilities and the ways in which they overcome or live with them. Having a special piggy with needs is what this new series is all about. This issue we meet Daisy who has a head tilt and cataracts in both eyes…

Our Christmassy Bumper Pack of Pages includes:

A Christmas Mall: There is something for everyone in our 4 packed pages of gift ideas! With all the latest and best piggy products on the market this year.

A special Guinea Gallery dedicated to all your seasonal pigtures

Competitions: What Christmas magazine is complete without easy peasy competitions and great prizes. Sponsored by Rosewood pets and Supreme PetFoods. See if you can wind your way through this year’s challenges!

Plus: Christmassy Tidbits from The Tribe, and a Cavy Carol from cartoonist Karolina of Kakazuma Studios

Medical A-Z: U is for UTI’s (Urinary Tract Infections), an extremely common condition in guinea pigs.Here Katharine explains the symptoms, tests to do at home, and treatments.


What’s in a name? Part 2 – More Names than Cavies! From Wiebke Wiese-Thomas our in-house piggy whisperer comes a new mini series for you to join in with, looking at the whole issue of naming our guinea pigs, from ideas and themes, to whether it’s OK to re-name a rescue pigHalf-fun, half-serious there will be a chance for everyone to get involved. Here are some options and ways of coming to an agreement over a name.

Adoprables: They are Adorable and Adoptable: From the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand. Wherever you are, Adopt don’t Shop.


Ask the Experts: Q&A: If you Ask the questions, our Experts will try to answer them, using the years of knowledge and experience they have behind them. If you have any queries or concerns about your guinea’s health or behaviour, email the Experts on


Thoughts Before VegTime: With Sue Tate. Thank you Secret Santa!

GPM’s New Top Model: Does our Cover Pig Akbar resemble a very famous portrait?

…. And, because we squeeze in as much as possible without lots of adverts, there are also your letters, , Caption Competition + Top Trumps, In Memory, and lots of little extras! It really is a very full magazine!

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