Issue 39, July/August 2017


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Issue 39 – Here is one we made earlier… And if the last issue was about loss, this issue is about LOVE and the lengths we go to for our little friends…


Constable Elliot:: Wheek Wheek What’s going on here then? Police in New Zealand have a special constable helping to deliver the message of road safety, to a delighted young audience. Meet Constable Elliot.


Rescue Story: When Guinea Pigs Fly: From Natalie Garden, Manager of  The Fox Residence Guinea Pig Sanctuary in Queensland, Australia, the story of four piggies who flew 2000 kilometres (that’s 1243 miles) to find their forever home.


Out of the Hutch: We talk to Caroline Whittle who painted the iconic picture of The Flying Carpet. Well, now that’s a book and here we catch up with her and see some more of her stunning paintings…


S is for SCURVY (Vitamin C Deficiency: We all know that guinea pigs need Vitamin C, but do we know what happens if they don’t get enough

Resident expert Katharine tells us all about this condition and what to look out for.


A Cautionary Tale: From in-house expert Rachel Neilson, comes a tale to remember; Harry’s story of the lost staple. And really, this could happen to

anyof us!


The Tribe: War and Peace Part 3; A story of passions, fall-outs, and losses. We have learned a lot from The Tribe about the natural and instinctive behaviours of our pigs. In the final part of this incredible series we come up to date with Wiebke, our very own piggy whisperer!


Guinea Pigs of Instagram: Erin Kosky from California USA, runs the Instagram account SkinnyGuineaPiggy… and when we saw some of her pictures which are jaw-droppingly gorgeous, we knew we had to share them with you! Whether you like Skinny pigs or not – we think you will love these photographs.



  •  And because we like to get in as much as possible without lots of adverts, we give you… The Adorable Adoptables, Your letters, Ask the Experts, GPM’s Next Top Model, Thoughts before Vegtime; and of course, all your gorgeous pigs in the Guinea Gallery!
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