Issue 37, March/April 2017


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Here’s What’s happening in Issue 37…


Bar-Biting! So, who is the worse for bar-biting – girls or boys? We asked you take our survey to find out, and here are the results.


QUICK THINKING and ACTING FAST: This can make all the difference between life and death. And at the rate guinea pigs can go downhill when poorly, knowing what to do and when can be critical. How to recognise and prepare for an emergency situation!


PIG-IGNORANT – What do we know about guinea pig cognition: Guest speaker Dr Tamara Montrose looks at what is known about the intelligence of our pigs. Plus some exams for you try at home. So, how intelligent is your pig?


Up Close and Personal with The Tribe! We have been learning from Wiebke’s Tribe for many years. But how did the Tribe start,Who are the gorgeous pigs in the Tribe, and why do they all have unpronounceable names? We go back in time with a Tribe History – The Early Years!


Readers Pigs – DOUBLE BILL of GuineaPigsofInstagram: This issue we interview the owners of guineas with two very different Instagram accounts. You may have seen or heard of the first; The Lava Empire from the US. We have been sharing some of their videos on our Facebook page…

The other is Petertheguineapig, and these sweeties come all the way from Brazil!


Adorable Adoptables: Rescued guinea pigs from all over the World. Wherever you live, there will be a rescue near you with lots of piggies needing forever homes. Here are Adoptable ready piggies from the UK, US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand!


The Hidden Life of Rescues – Behind the smiles: We are in the UK in the penultimate episode of the series going behind the scenes of rescues from around the World. We are in Doncaster with our home rescue Cavy Corner! Over to Sue Tate…


Roll-up, the circus is coming to town. AN EXCLUSIVE New piggy products unveiled here first for GPM readers! See inside for a peek at this exciting new range of guinea pig toys!.


And if that’s not enough, we also included: Your letters, Ask the Experts, GPM’s Next Top Model, Thoughts before Vegtime; and of course, all your gorgeous pigs in the Guinea Gallery!

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