Issue 35, November/December 2016


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More of your pigs!

Rescue Story: The ‘Twenty’. An incredible Cavy Corner story, retelling in words (and nearly as many photographs) the progress from Intake; Treatment; Recovery, and Re-homing of, 20 guinea pigs, that even the vet didn’t think stood a chance of survival.

Medical A-Z: O is for Oral and Oesophageal Thrush. A very unpleasant condition that can lead to death. Fortunately we have Katharine who can tell us all  about it, including the what; why; treatment; and of course prevention!

Readers Pigs: Tom’s Story Part 2 of 2. After babies were born into the Hindley family household, one developed black marks on his face at the age of four months. What could it be? What it was is the start of a VERY long, perplexing story…Find out what happens in the conclusion of this remarkable story!

Cosy Bed Championships: Its a Ruffle Snuffle! And oh boy what a treat this was to review. Find out about the incredible Ruffle Snuffle as we talk to

It’s creator Sarah White, in this the final of our Cavy Cosy Championships!

The Hidden Life of Rescues:  Part 2 of 6. So you think you want to open a guinea pig rescue? We are in Stoke-On-Trent in the UK for the second part of our new series, with The Potteries Guinea Pig Rescue. We talk to the Rescue manager about the  many trials and tribulations of running a guinea pig rescue, and what keeps them doing what they’re doing.

This is a series of intimate, behind-the-scenes articles with exclusive revelations from rescues all over the World. Are you a rescue and want to get involved? Email the editor today.

The Paralympigs 2016: A Paralympig is a guinea with disabilities, who focuses more on the abilities than the dis’. After the success of our Paralympigs feature on Facebook we were amazed to see how much love there is out there for piggies with a difference, and as promised, what better way to honour these amazing animals than by awarding medals!

Christmas Shopping? We have collected over 40 guinea pig related gifts to window shop! What other magazines take 8 pages to show you, we can get into 4. You will find something for everyone (young, old, or in-between) on these pages. Maybe even a little something for yourself – if you’ve been good?

The Annual Christmas Competition + Rosewoods Boredom Breaker Competition. It’s Competitions galore in our festive issue… And where there are competitions, there arePRIZES to be won!

REVEALED: The new guinea pig products on the market and in-store. From Supreme PetFoods, and Roswewood Pets. The best bit is neither knew the other was revealing in this issue!


And that’s not all, there’s this too…


Adorable Adoptables, Rescue Directory, Guinea Gallery, Ask the Experts, PigPost, In Memory Of, Cover Pig Interview, Cavy Corner’s Corner, and so much more…

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