Issue 22, Sept / Oct 2014


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V is for Very Pretty Agoutis (tenuous link but it had to be done!)

Medical A-Z: B is for Bumblefoot (Pododermatitis)

MICHAEL BOND: The PiGs in My Life – Brand new, exclusive, true stories: In memoriam of Vladimir

Fairy’s Tales

Guinea Pigs in the Garden: Know your Weeds – what’s safe and what’s not in your backyard?

Bridgett’s Story – How mishandling and dropping a piggy resulted in Bridgett’s case with a fractured spine and paralysis

Piggy Forums and Websites – An interview with Dawn Harris of Cutiecavies Website and Forum to discuss the ambition behind her online work

April Lodge Guinea Pig Rescue – Summer care

Hot Topic – Natural vs. posed photos


And regular features including Guinea Gallery, Rescue Story, Ask the Experts, PigPost, In Memory Of, Cover Pig Interview, Tidbits from the Tribe, PECC, Caravanning Cavies, Totoro, The Pig O’Clock News and more…

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