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Some of what’s inside:

Piggy Artists – Animoo Art. We interview Katie Ford and find out more about her venture, Animoo Art. Having studied Art at University, Katie thought those days were long gone. Until that is, Lockdown gave her some unexpected time to pick up her hobbies again…

Live & Wheeking! – The perfect space for our young reporters! In this issue, Young Ambassador, Kat, has been finding out about how Germany and the UK help contribute to guinea pig welfare in different ways.

Coping with Loss – By Expert Cathy Alliss. One of the problems with guinea pigs is that they (hopefully!) go over the bridge before we do. Losing a guinea pig can be extremely painful, here are some ideas that may help get you through it.

Traps, Children’s Fish Nets & Rugby Tackles – Catching Dumped Guinea Pigs in Cornwall. A miraculous endeavour by the community, from the wastelands of old tin mines in Cornwall, UK.

Guinea Gallery – Made to make your heart smile. Whose piggies have made it onto the centre pages this issue?

Thoughts Before Vegtime A Special Surrender: Satins & Lethals – with Sue Tate… On earlier than usual, with an extended programme. Taking in a very special group of guineas.

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