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Some of what’s inside:

The Real Celeb Piggies of Instagram – @kindaapigdeal. Meet the absolutely fabulous brothers Abe and Ted as we interview their slave, Rebecca Peterson. It’s hard to choose which picture is our favourite. What a great pair of pigs!

New Guinea Pigs How to Best Manage Conflict Needs and Advice – Resident Piggy Whisperer, Wiebke Wiese Thomas, teaches us how to speak guinea pig. Learn how to say “Welcome”, and “I love you”

Christmas Wrapped Up! – Put your feet up, grab a cuppa, and get your Christmas all wrapped up. There’s something for everyone in our seasonal shopping favourite – the ultimate guinea gift guide!

Head Tilts in Guinea Pigs – A common symptom – but what does it mean? GPM Expert, Cathy Alliss, talks us through what it means if guinea pigs develop a head tilt.

Thoughts Before Vegtime – Can it ever be right to give a pet as a present? You may be surprised by the answer. Get it right with Sue Tate of Guinea Sanctuary Corner.

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