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Hows does it work?

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Some of what’s inside:

How a Guinea Pig Change My Life – Clementine Schouteden, CEO and Co-founder of Kavee cages tells us about the guineas that inspired her to change the way she lived and worked.

The Guinea Pig Vet – Oh boy, is this ever an overdue interview. The guinea pig vet is Ellie Whitehead, and we talked to her about… well, about guinea pigs obviously!

All Wheekers Great & Small – HEATSTROKE! How to prevent, and give emergency first aid if necessary. It’s been hot here in the UK for a few weeks so far, up in the 20’s. In LA it’s around 100°F which is 38°C and that’s hot, hot, hot. So who better than Saskia to give this advice.

The Piggy Whisperer – Why our guinea pigs act the way they do. From our very own piggy whisperer, Wiebke Wiese Thomas: The Herd, The Group and I. Come with us as we delve into the complexities of guinea pig thoughts and behaviours.

The Piggy Artist – We hop over to Toulouse in France to meet prolific artist Shahrzad. Here is just a sample of her gorgeous illustrations and merchandise.

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