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Some of what’s inside:

PigPost – It’s your letters! The meeting place for readers across this crazy surreal world: A get together of letters, pictures and piggies. We try to fit in as many of your contacts as possible.

Christmas Shopping! – Shop ‘til you drop with six glorious pages of things to buy. Surprise your piggy friends (and your piggies) with the latest in all things guinea pig!

All Wheekers Great & Small – Our new series with the magnificent Saskia Chiesa from Los ngeles Guinea Pig Rescue. With her breathtaking background.

The Real Celeb-Piggies of Instagram – @ladypigford with PigMum from London, UK. Hugo, Gus, and Cecil are Boars Behaving Badly. Find out why they have an incredible 103k followers!

Days of Their Lives – Piggy Whispering by Wiebke Wiese Thomas: Part 6: Old age. It comes to us all. Find out how you can prolong the life of your elderley guinea pigs.

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