Guinea Pig Links


Supreme Petfoods —Makers of Science Selective Guinea Pig and providers of our ‘Star Letter’ prize

Burgess Pet Foods — Makes of the Excel Guinea Pig range of foods

Ruffle Snuffle – Sprinkle on food, ruffle up, and watch your piggie snuffle it out!

Comfy Critters Cage Accessories – Cage and play accessories for guineas and other small animals.

Snoozie’s Cozies – Handmade fleece items, toys, treats and accessories and UK supplier of STAYbowl (see below)

Timothy Hay — Timothy hay grown in Scotland for four generations. Delivery all over the UK

Snugglies — Beautiful Home-Made Snugglies & Hideys

C&C Guinea Pig Cages UK — C&C Complete set-ups now available in the UK

C&C Cages – An alternative source of C&C cage supplies in the UK

The Piggy Planet — The Piggy Planet Shop

STAYbowl – A non-tip food bowl inspired by and designed for guinea pigs

Guinea Days Art Studio — Tracey Humphreys, Guinea Days Art Studio

Pawsup4cosypets – As reviewed in Issue 31

Pampered Piggies Boutique – As reviewed in Issue 32



General Websites/Info

Pet Exhibitor’s Cavy Club

QuitDay – includes some articles on ethical reasons to quit, for the sake of your pets and animals worldwide


The Guinea Pig Forum — A well known, rescue friendly forum

Guinea Pig Haven Forum — A small and friendly forum

The Piggy Hub – The guinea pig social network



Rescues/Sanctuaries (UK)

RSPCA – nationwide

Cavy Corner Guinea Sanctuary – based in Doncaster

The Excellent Adventure Sanctuary — based in Northampton. The Sanctuary specialises in the management of piggies with dental issues

The Potteries Guinea Pig Rescue – based in Staffordshire

Norman Gormans Guinea Pig Sanctuary – based in South East Cornwall

Wheek & Squeak Guinea Pig Rescue and Boarding – based in Southampton

Windwhistle Warren Rabbit & Guinea Pig Rescue – based in Gloucestershire

North East Guinea Pig Rescue – based in North Shields

Avalon Guinea Pig Rescue – based in Nottingham

Blackberry Patch Guinea Pig Rescue – based in Herefordshire

April Lodge Guinea Pig Rescue – based in Kent

Hazelcroft Rescue – based in Hertfordshire


Holiday Boarding

WheekAway Small Animal Holiday Boarding – based in Derbyshire



Rescues/Sanctuaries (Overseas)

The Humane Society – across the USA

Wee Companions, Inc. – San Diego, CA


Veterinary Groups — The Willows Veterinary Group (Guinea Pig CLINIC)


Obviously we don’t recommend any mixing of rabbits and guinea pigs at all, but we know some of you are keen rabbit owners too. If so, be sure to check out Bunny Mad Magazine! Click the image below for more info:

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