Getting your Guinea on the Cover

The Golden Rules

Here are some tips to help you when taking photos of your guineas on your camera or phone and areas to practice to get the most out of your phone. Please remember different devices have different settings, so there’s no harm in finding out more about the mobile device you’re using.

  1. Background – It’s not always easy to plan your backdrop. If you are planning to submit a cover picture and have the opportunity to pick your background, make sure it is neutral. A wonderful shot can be overpowered by a bright, dark, or busy background. Outside shots we tend to use in the Spring/Summer issues, whereas a neutral background can be used for any issue.
  2. Clean the lens – This is really simple to do and probably the thing that’s forgotten most. By cleaning your lens with a lens cloth it’ll remove dust and dirt that could make your photos blurry, prevent the light entering and introduce dust spots. A nice clean lens will improve the quality of your photos.
  3. Focus – Make sure that your subject in the photo is in focus. Usually, your camera or phone will automatically focus but you may also need to tap your screen or check how to do this on your camera or phone, as some settings may be different depending on the device you are using.
  4. Keeping the camera steady – This can be tricky if you have a shaky hand or when photographing in lower lights. Most cameras will have a setting to compensate for this. If you’re able to use a tripod or keep as still as possible this will help with the quality of the photo you’re taking.
  5. Avoid using the zoom – By adjusting the zoom you are affecting the quality and pixels within the image. Always take your photos without the zoom, and try to get closer to your piggy. You can then adjust or crop your photo afterwards without affecting the quality.
  6. Exposure – If your camera or phone has the ability to manually change the exposure, this could give you better results than applying them afterwards. Once the focus has been adjusted, you may be able to adjust the exposure or brightness to get the right lighting you’re looking for.
  7. Take multiple shots – Guinea pigs generally do not sit still and stay whilst they have their picture taken. You may not always get the best photo first time around and by taking several and reviewing the photos you’ll soon pick up what works and what doesn’t. Sometimes you will need to take many photos, adjusting the settings to get the photo just right!

Most importantly, just have fun getting up close and personal with your guinea pig and share those moments with us. You can send as many pictures as you want, to alison@guineapigmagazine.com. All pictures should say at least the piggies names and where you come from.

When your picture comes to us

As all pictures are sent to the editor, every single one of your shots will be looked at and collected in files according to whether we think it’s a lovely Gallery picture, a letter, or a potential cover. If you have met all the criteria above, it will be a potential cover. You picture will then be kept and tried out for different issues.