Here at GPM HQ we receive many questions about the business, the magazine and the ordering process. We hope that we’re able to answer anything that’s on your mind here; if not, drop us an email via the Contact page and one of the team will get back to you ASAP.

How do I order GPM?

Ordering GPM is simple. You can get it via our website!

Online Ordering

Go to our secure website’s subscription page: Select the options of your choice (online and downloadable/printed glossy, single/three/six issue subscription, which issue to start your subscription from, delivery region, and whether it is a gift subscription for someone else) and then click on the ‘Add to Cart’ button. When your basket is as full as you’d like it, you will then be taken through the payment process, which may include registering an account with the GPM website to allow for easier ordering next time (and downloading/storing of your magazines if you purchase the online edition).

If you have ordered an online/digital subscription, please note it can take up to several days (depending on which issue you’ve ordered, which member of staff is available and at what times, considering timezones) to link up your account with access to the online edition. This process has to be done manually.

However you can download your magazine from issues #27 onwards simply by logging into your account. The download link for Kindles, mobiles and other devices will be on the “My Account” page.

If you wish to read your copy online or download to your personal computer, keep checking back in the ‘My Magazines’ tab of the website once you have logged in to your account; this is where your magazines are stored once access has been approved. We aim to provide access within 24-36 hours of receiving your order.

Why aren't you stocked in 'X' store(s)?

It’s extremely expensive to get stocked in any store – each issue costs us several thousand pounds to produce just for UK and worldwide subscribers, and then we have to pay another treble-figure sum to distribute just to one pet shop chain; we’d need to double that cost at a minimum per issue to be stocked in retailers overseas as well. Most people don’t realise how expensive it is and that we have to pay to be stocked on the shelves! This is why it has taken us so long to get stocked on the shelves. However, we are on the radar of multiple international retailers and all they are waiting for is the demand to be proven. We’re working store by store (or chain by chain) at the moment, and continent by continent, so we’ll let everyone know when the campaign to get into Petbarn in Australia begins…

How much is the magazine?

Each issue of GUINEA PIG Magazine retails at £4 GBP plus postage (postage costs are calculated according to Royal Mail rates). If you wish to avoid postage costs, we also have a digital edition which is stored online on our website or can be downloaded onto your mobile device or computer. The online/downloadable edition retails at £2.99 per issue but without postage costs.

If you are looking to purchase any back issues, please see the back issues page:

Can I pay by cheque?

Provided you are within the UK then yes, you can pay by cheque.

Just let us know exactly which issues/how many issues you would like by contacting Alison on and whether it’s a single, 3- or 6-issue subscription you would like and we can send you an exact quote.

Then please make your cheque payable to GUINEA PIG Magazine, and send to:

PO Box 772
South Yorkshire
S71 9PG

Remember to write a note to go with the cheque, with your name, address and email address, and also which issues you would like the subscription to include/start from, to prevent delays in getting your order sent out to you.

Do you sell / ship worldwide?

Yes, we have many subscribers in all four corners of the globe from USA to UK, Australia, Singapore and everywhere in between. Some of our overseas customers order the printed magazine (which takes approximately 7-10 days to arrive; all post is sent by airmail) and for those who don’t want to pay the postage, we have the digital edition, which means postage costs can be avoided.

All prices are worked out via the website when you order, including any postage costs, so as you go through the ordering and payment process you will see the cost breakdown as well as the total payable amount, and you will also see it in your own currency prior to submitting your payment.

Payment options for our non-UK readers include credit/debit card or Paypal.

Why hasn't my magazine arrived yet?

For some reason we’re noticing that some magazines are taking an increasingly and unusually long time to be delivered to addresses even within the UK.

We recommend that you wait one full week from the date of your order before reporting a non-delivery to us. We know this is longer than it should take, and most copies only take 1-2 days to arrive, but we have increasing reports of some copies arriving a full 7 days after they were posted. Believe me, we’re as annoyed by this as you are.

If you suspect your magazine is lost in the post, please can you email us on with your:

*Name and address
*Payment/order date
*Amount paid
*Payment method
*Issue numbers/type of subscription/items ordered

With these details, we can trace your order and help get your missing magazines to you as soon as possible.

If your subscription is being sent in your name to an address that you do not live at, then please inform us so that we can optimise delivery by including a “care of” name. This helps the Post Office with their deliveries, as well as making sure the magazine is going to reach the correct person even if they do not reside at that address.

Please also ensure that if you are waiting for a delivery, that you have indeed purchased the PRINTED copy. A number of subscribers have unintentionally bought the online version expecting a printed copy to be delivered, hence the concerns over non-delivery.

If you think your magazine has gone missing or we have not fulfulled your order…
It is better to email us directly rather than open a claim/dispute through PayPal as we resolve 100% of cases of “missing magazines” via email. If you want to end your subscription (note: you would only get a partial refund) we need to communicate with you, and doing so via PayPal takes a lot longer – and wastes PayPal’s time. We’re humans, you can talk to us, and we certainly don’t bite.

If you think your printed magazine is missing, again please firstly ensure you ordered the printed and not the online/downloadable issue (this has happened on occasion). If you definitely ordered the printed version, see if your payment has cleared from your accounts at your end. THEN get in touch with us with your order number, date of order and your full name and address, and we will then work through any potential issues with you.

Please note that legally an item is not classed as “missing” by the Royal Mail for 28 working days after posting, so sending out replacement copies is done at our discretion. However we advise that you get in touch with us if you haven’t received your order within 10-14 days (UK) or 14-28 days (overseas) so we can review the situation.

I've just bought an online issue and want to view it on your site. why can't i find it?

If you have ordered an online/digital subscription, please note it can take up to several days (depending on which member of staff is available and at what times, considering timezones) to link up your account with access to the online edition. This process has to be done manually.

Keep checking back in the ‘My Magazines’ tab of the website once you have logged in to your account; this is where your magazines are stored once access has been approved.

What is your cancellations and returns policy?

Our cancellations, returns and refunds policy is clearly outlined on this page:

How do I get in touch with the 'ask the experts' panel?

If you have a piggy-related question you can’t figure out or would like some extra thoughts or advice on, our team of experts (read: experienced keepers) might be able to help. Send an email to or drop us a Private Message (PM) on Facebook, and we will forward your enquiry onto our experts and get back to you with their replies as soon as possible. In many cases, the inclusion of any relevant photographs with your message go a long way to helping get you a fast and reliable reply (particularly in the case of health related queries).

We ARE able to help with many medical queries, but two important things to bear in mind:

  • In an emergency you MUST take your pig to a reputable vet – any sick piggy needs veterinary attention so please don’t email us asking for advice when your pig is obviously in need of urgent medical attention.
  • None of the experts are qualified veterinarians; their advice is based on experience and, in many cases, collaborations with vets. All experts will always encourage you to take your pig to an experienced vet to discuss the ideas the experts have had. This is standard policy for every enquiry of a medical nature.

Mary, Gill, Katharine, Rachel and Alison W are always ready and willing to help, so remember – private message or drop us an email to get your query seen by them.

How do I contribute to the magazine?

As you probably know by now, GPM is 99.9% created by the people who read it i.e. YOU. If you’ve got a story for GPM – educational, real-life, news or fictional – or if there is a subject you really want to see covered in the magazine, drop us a message via the Contact page, on FB or email and you could see you and your piggies published in the world’s only regular pet piggy magazine!

I want to submit my piggies' photos to the gallery!

If you have some good quality, non-blurry, high resolution images of your piggies that you would like to see featured in the world’s only regular Guinea Pig Magazine, send them via email to

If they’re of good enough quality for the printing process they’ll be included in a future issue – either in the Guinea Gallery, as page pigs, or even – if you’re really lucky – the Cover Model Pig!

Don’t be disheartened if you don’t see them in GPM straight away, or if you don’t get a personal reply back from Alison – she saves all good quality photos that arrive in her inbox for future use and this alone takes hours to do, so please don’t worry if you don’t hear back from us.

How do I advertise in GPM?

GUINEA PIG Magazine is the worlds only regular pet guinea pig magazine! We are read by dedicated customers in all corners of the globe and we are also one of the best selling magazine on the shelves in Pets at Home. There’s never been a better time to work with us!

Prices include:

*advert publication in the printed glossy magazine

*publication with direct links to your website in the online edition

* links to you on our Facebook and Twitter pages

*a link to you on our website links page (saved exclusively for advertisers and contributors):

Contact us on for our current advertising rates.

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