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Issue 26, May / June 2015

The next issue, Issue 27,
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Saturday 11th July 2015

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Welcome to the world’s only pet guinea pig magazine, as featured exclusively on This Little Piggie Marketplace – The original ‘market’ for guinea pig supplies and more! – and as reviewed by thefurrysmallpets!

For all the latest Guinea Pig Magazine news, keep in touch with us via Facebook. We look forward to hearing from all you piggy people, in the UK and from all over the wheeking world!

Guinea Pig Magazine News

Please use the Contact Us form for all your questions, suggestions, stories, ideas, letters and other contributions to the magazine. If you would like to send us pictures of your guinea pig for the Guinea Gallery or to be the next Cover Pig, please email them directly to alison@guineapigmagazine.com. Higher quality photographs have a better chance of being published.
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